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Achieving Solvency II Readiness

RMA Risk_Ex platform provides a comprehensive model to support the data requirements of Solvency II.

Risk_Ex  comprises:

  • A comprehensive Enterprise Risk Model (ERM) data model
  • A technical architecture for implementing a wide range of governance, risk, compliance and business intelligence solutions
  • An application suite for the collection, preparation, measurement and management of risk data providing an integrated risk management platform which gives a correlated view of risk across the enterprise.


Risk_Ex enables risk factor and capital modelling and risk estimation for insurance, credit, market and operational risks. It also provides the detailed data structure for regulatory, quantitative, qualitative and ad hoc business intelligence reporting.

Risk_Ex  provides support for:

  • Standard and internal model approaches to Solvency II
  • Capital calculations
  • Reserving and pricing
  • Stress testing and scenario modelling for all risk categories
  • Analysis of customer, product and channel profitability
  • Counterparty credit analysis of third-party dependencies such as reinsurers, brokers and other financial institutions
  • Storing operational losses in a physical data model to provide underlying data for frequency and severity distributions for specific loss types
  • Investment risk VaR and other model feeds supplied from existing systems to be integrated into analytical models



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