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The increasing complexity of the financial system and the changes in regulation will have a considerable impact on the business position of your insurance undertaking. Some companies may be left behind by those who prepared early. Risk Management Adviser’s aims to support your undertaking to prepare for these changes and to create a competitive advantage.



RM Adviser Team strives to be the first choice Solvency II Directive consultant for small and medium sized insurance companies in Bulgaria.


Mission Statement

We provide small and medium sized insurance companies with a competitive edge by making Solvency II Framework Directive accessible in an economic, pragmatic manner.


Value Proposition

RM Adviser was founded to satisfy the demand of small and medium sized insurance companies in the Solvency II area. Our core activity is to help companies to understand and prepare for Solvency II Project in a cost efficient way. Through the expertise of our consultants, we can and do offer services related to risk, capital and governance of insurance companies.

Our business model is based on two aspects: tailored services and cost efficiency. With this approach we can offer state of the art consultancy at a very competitive price.

We achieve this by keeping low overhead costs, and by keeping an eye on ongoing costs. As an example, we would keep physical meetings at a low level and concentrate on content solution for the customer rather then form.

Each assignment is discussed in detail with the client, an ongoing review based on transparency and trust ensures that the customer needs are met. As a specialized niche player we have a quick understanding of the issues and topics of the customer.


Target Market

RM Adviser operates in the European Economic Area and Bulgaria, too. The business model is optimized for the small and medium sized insurance companies in both the Property & Casualty and the Life & Health lines of business.



The management of RM Adviser combines multiple years of expertise in the fields of :

1. Insurance regulation
2. Insurance risk analysis
3. Capital Management
4. Client relationship
5. Reserving

The founding members and partners know in detail both the CEIOPS apparatus and insurance associations‘ concerns in the context of Solvency II project implementations and have gained experience in consulting and assurance business.

We perform our services through a small team of dedicated consultants. All of our employees have been carefully selected to ensure they do not only have over average qualifications, but show a high degree of engagement and have an entrepreneurial mindset.


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